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Facilities Provided

We will be strong for 100 years.

  • Meditation and exercise hall covered by a Geodesic-dome with unique natural surround sound and vibrations.
  • Seven rooms with attached bathrooms. Each having 204 sq.ft. carpet area.
  • Coir-mat and coir-mattresses 4" thick. Properly covered with bed sheets and rubberised coir-pillows with covers. One "Sholapur chaddar" for pulling over. And "Jaipur Rajai" also

Room Interior - 204 Sq.ft. carpet area with attached bathroom, four coir   mattress beds neatly laid on coir mats with Solapur Chaddars and bed sheets.
Room from inside

  • One cupboard per room.

  • Tube lights in room and passage.

  • Lawn for walking on dew.

  • Pebbled walkway for accu-pressure effect.

  • Simple but well equipped kitchen. Simple vegetarian food.