Narayan Vihar - Project report

Narayan Vihar is to be developed as

1. Residential center for Spiritual Activities and Research

2. Large group activities for social and Spiritual cause.

Narayan Vihar can be utilized for Yog & Spiritual activities, Ayurvedic treatment, and also as a common place to hold social and spiritual seminars and group activities by other organizations.

It will be located between Kharghar and Panvel of Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai Navi Mumbai is fast developing into a big planned city of Maharashtra. Such a center at this location would definitely serve the nation in building up the awareness of total spiritual growth and social responsibilities.

It would have a big hall (40x60) in the centre with a stage (20x10) and two rooms (10x10 each) in the front. The stage and the adjacent rooms would be constructed first

The concrete hall will be built later. Initially it would be constructed using tents. Later, when the funds are ready, permanent structure would be planned.

On left side of the hall, rooms would be constructed which can be used later for hosting guests during residential camps and activities of SWARN and other organizations.

On the right side of the hall, kitchen, common dining area and common toilets would be constructed.

A separate meditation room will be constructed on the first floor above hall. This room will be built with enough care, planning and attention so that a beautiful space is created for dedicated practice

Plan for Narayan Vihar

The development of Narayan Vihar requires a around 8 lacs initially to purchase the land from CIDCO at subsidized rates, more later for further constructions. Donations can be sent as cheque/ DD in favour of  Spiritual Work And Research Network” at the addresses given in our contact details.