Narayan Kendra - Project report

Narayan Kendra is to be developed as a residential center of spiritual practices and research oriented activities for a group of 25-30 persons.

Narayan Kendra can be utilised for Yoga & Spiritual activities, Ayurvedic treatment, Herbal farming and research, Economical transit accommodation for travelers and Offices to other organisations.

It is located 14 kms further to Kashipur (Uttaranchal). The Nainital - Dehradun highway is at 7 kms from Narayan Kendra site. Kashipur can be reached from Delhi or Lucknow by direct trains. 

Kashipur has a few active groups involved in various Yoga and Spiritual activities. And they have shown keen interest in Narayan Kendra project.

It is established in a building which hosted a school earlier. The school was closed down by the committee and the land of 1.25 acres with the building has been legally donated to .

Present view from South-West approximately

The building requires some modification and renovation work as per the plan (mentioned below) to convert it into a fully operational activity center.
* A 4 feet passage with 3 ft brick work and rest iron jaali around the building.
* Converting two verandahs into dormitories
* Cement roof on 10 X 20 ft area which has tin roof right now
* Kitchen development.
* Modification of the existing toilet and new toilet area for ladies.
* New staircase as the old one is not at proper location
* One dormitory at first floor.
*  New doors and windows as per requirement
* Furniture for the entire Kendra.
* Boundary fencing for security

The plan for Narayan Kendra - First phase

The development of Narayan Kendra requires a good amount of money. Around 10 lacs initially, more later for further constructions and projects such as a big meditation hall for large group. Donations can be sent as cheque/ DD in favour of  Spiritual Work And Research Network” at the addresses given in our contact details.