Activities at Shri Dattatreya Ashram - So far

Shri Dattatreya is a beautiful ashram situated on Kalyan Murbad road at the banks of Murbadi river. It has one dome shaped central hall and 10 rooms around it         

Four camps have been organized by SWARN at Shri Dattatreya Ashram at Kalyan Murbad Road so far. These camps were based on Yog, Ayurveda, Natural awareness and Meditation.

Duration No of Participants
May'01(2 days) 10
Aug'02 (2 days) 10
25-26 Sep'04 (2 days) 14
24-25 Dec'04 (2 days) 8
17 Sep'06 (1 day) 14



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Mrs. Jyotsana Tendulkar

  022-24123163, 24148751

Mr. Rajkumar Patel