Activities at Narayan Kendra - So far

Narayan Kendra was established during November’2000 at Garhinegi, Kashipur, Uttaranchal.

With a small group of around 10 persons present on the first day’s seminar, Mr M K Garg, Reieki master from Kashipur delivered a small lecture on Reieki, the healing energy, and also guided the group into meditation sessions. Later a watchman was deployed on part-time basis to monitor the Kendra during nights.

40 persons attended the second seminar during December’2001. This seminar was for full day and was once again guided by MR M K Garg, resident of Kashipur. He led the team through various methods of meditations such as Mantra chanting, Yogic sleep, Reieki based meditation etc.

During June’2002 another seminar was organized and MR M K Garg, the Reieki master enriched a small group of 15 persons with different dimensions of inner consciousness. 

During 2003, two small meeting took place in Narayan Kendra to discuss the activities related matters with local residents. Generation of funds, availability of teachers and guides from various spiritual fields and huge payment of fees to organizations for their programs were the main issues.

Since December’2003, many local residents started practicing Yog and Pranayam after watching and attending camps of Swami Ramdev Ji from Kankhal, Haridwar. So during April’2004 regular Pranayam sessions were initiated under the guidance of Mr TahalDas Ji, a local resident from Garhinegi village. Since then. Pranayam sessions are being held on daily basis in the morning and occasionally Hawans are also performed under his guidance. Camps have been held at nearby locations also such as Rudrapur, Kashipur, Gadarpur, Jaspur, Maldhan etc initiating regular pranayam sessions at these places guided by local persons. 

In April'2006, a team of four persons headed by Sri TahalDas Ji visited Patanjali Yogpeeth, Kankhal during its inauguration function. Two members of the team have been selected for "Prashikshak" (teachership) program and would be called soon for comprehensive certified training on Pranayam and Yog.

Plans are ready to convert Narayan Kendra into a residential center of Spiritual Activities and local residents are also part of the planning and execution team now.